How to disable MIUI version for third party application installation

hello friends I am Nitesh Yadav . Now I am going to teach you how to disable MI version in redmi phones.

then read carefully and follow it. 4 disable MIUI version in redmi mobiles

Step 1 – Go to your mobile settings

Step 2 – then click on about phone

Step 3 – you can so on your screen MIUI version then click 10 times on MIUI version

Note – Your Developer Mode is now enabled.

Step 4 – ReOpen Your Setting . And click on Additional Setting.

Step 5 – You can Developer Option on your Screen. Then click on Developer Option button.

Step 6 – Scroll down and search OEM Unlocking . And enable it.

Step 7 – Again Scroll down and search Reset to Default Value . And Click 10 times on Reset to Default Value.

Step 8 – Scroll down And You can see MIUI Version Turned on Already. Then turn off it.

Note – Now your all setup are completed.

Step 9 – Install your Application.

Note :- You can turn off your devloper option in your settings.

Step 1 – Go to mobile Setting

Step 2 – Go to About Phone .

Step 3 – Click on MIUI Version 10 times for disable developer mode.

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